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Helping the bride and groom to fully enjoy the organization of their event and their party, creating unique experiences for them and their guests achieving unforgettable events, providing them with the necessary tools to make the wedding of their dreams come true.


Choosing the place to celebrate the most important day of your life is one of the most difficult decisions that a couple must make, since they need to be completely sure that the destination of their choice really has the necessary elements to carry out a magnificent event.

These are the reasons why you should choose this paradisiacal destination to celebrate your beach wedding.

  • Bahías de Huatulco has the infrastructure you need for your wedding.

  • International Airport with direct flights from several national and international destinations.

  • Hotels of all categories for you and your guests.

  • It offers a range of options to hold your event, different beaches.

In Bahías de Huatulco, you will not worry about a thing, as it offers you a wide range of professional providers ready to help you organize your wedding, from stylists, floral designers, photographers, caterers, musical groups and Wedding Planner.

If the dream of your life is to get married on a beach, with a spectacular view of the sea or a ceremony aboard a beautiful boat, or an intimate candlelit dinner by the sea or just enjoy the sunset with the sunset sun, Bahías de Huatulco is a very good option to have your dream wedding since you can enjoy a tropical climate, palm trees and incredible sunsets, which makes it an extremely romantic destination.


Bodas Huatulco is a company specialized in the coordination of beach weddings, with 10 years of experience, it offers you professionalism, a wide portfolio of suppliers and different options to create the dream of your life, advising and accompanying you at all times.

"Their goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your fun"

Bodas Huatulco has the Title of Professional Wedding Consultant Accredited by the Association of Wedding Consultants in Latin America (ABC), and with the Title Gay Wedding Institute Certification, among others.

Learn more about them at!

Find out and know why Bodas Huatulco will make your wedding like a movie!

Bodas Huatulco


Sea Soul Huatulco Club, excellent place to enjoy a relaxing day or ideal to organize a beautiful wedding.

The Sea Soul team, coordinated by Marcela Villaseñor from Bodas Huatulco, will make that great moment unique and appropriate to your needs. It has a space with capacity for up to 700 people facing the sea to which you will not be able to say NO.

The club amenities include: infinity pool, private access to the beach, children's pool and playground, yoga studio, dance, gym, conference room for any celebration such as birthdays, baptisms, first communions, among others.

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Come to this paradise and get married in Huatulco!

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