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Founded in 2008, with the purpose of defending the interests of local businessmen and positively publicizing the destination and its tourist offer, PROHOTUR is the union of established hotels and tourism service providers that form a strategic alliance between its members. , with representation before consultation bodies at the Municipal, State and Federal levels, in order to carry out a successful management in promoting our destination and its services.

Our Association is coordinated by a Board of Directors, who is the head of the Association and establishes the lines of action with which the association will operate for a better benefit for the associates.


Our main objective is to develop strategies that allow Huatulco to consolidate in tourism, economic, social, but above all environmental matters; reflected in each of the certifications and actions carried out for the environment.


Our commitment is to establish a close relationship between associates with the different levels of government and to defend the interests and opinions of our members, seeking to support the actions carried out by the establishments for their common benefit.


Our Mission is to position Huatulco and the Oaxaca Coast at a National and International level, offering quality service for the benefit of our members, the destination and our visitors.


Our vision is to be the leading group in the promotion and
representation of Huatulco and the Oaxacan Coast.

PROHOTUR works jointly with the Municipality, SECTUR, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and other public and private institutions to provide its affiliates with a training program, courses, conferences and seminars that allow them to grow in this tourist branch within Huatulco.

Our administrative office, supervised by the Board of Directors, is in charge of providing associates with timely and truthful information that happens at the destination, constantly keeping statistics, general and specific information on their members, general information on the destination, as well as being the direct link between agencies, companies and effective public towards hotels and tourist services, among other activities.

PROHOTUR performs collaboration synergies with local companies to optimize the material resources of its associates and reinforce the professionalization of their services; It seeks to establish agreements with universities to consolidate its workforce with trained personnel and develop the potential of students to occupy different operational and managerial positions in the business sector.

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Mayra Keren Gurrión Herrera
Hotel Santa Cruz Huatulco


Liliana Sánchez Guzmán
Tranvías Huatulco
Vice president

Sheyla Jeremy Santiago Herrera
Hotel OM Huatulco

Olivia Rosaslanda Argumedo
Hotel Gran Juquila Huatulco

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