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This destination, located on the coast of Oaxaca, is 277 km from the state capital and 765 km. From Mexico City (50 minutes by air), and also has land and sea access routes. It is a place where the warm climate allows you to enjoy 356 sunny days a year.

Below you will be able to know the main access routes to this wonderful destination, it has a bus station being one of the most important terminals in the coastal region in that since in this terminal they have first class services of an executive type, luxury, and economical, with multiple destinations throughout the southern part of the republic.

A recommendation before traveling by land, whether in your car or a bus, is to take your precautions when traveling on the Oaxaca-Bahías de Huatulco highway, through the Sierra, since there are the already famous curves of Oaxaca (they are very closed curves, but if you like to admire beautiful mountain landscapes, this is a good way).

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