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On the coast of Oaxaca we find Huatulco, one of the Tourist Centers Integrally planned by the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism, FONATUR. It has a 35 km long coastal strip that houses nine spectacular bays and 36 beaches, each one with a special touch that invites you to relax and enjoy its natural splendor in an extraordinary way. The Huatulco area comprises 22,000 hectares, of which 11,890.98 hectares are considered an Ecological Reserve.

The Beauty of Huatulco lies in its harmony with nature, cleanliness and the commitment of a tourist community that cares about the conservation of natural resources, a fact for which it has been deserving of multiple National and International awards that differentiate it from others. Tourist destinations in the world.
In 2015 Huatulco became the First Tourist Community in America and the Second in the world to achieve the EarthCheck Platinum Certification and in 2017 El Órgano beach became the only one in the country recognized as a Sustainable Beach.

Huatulco has an excellent climate, it is warm sub-humid with an average temperature of 28°, guaranteeing more than 330 sunny days in it.
The fascinating Coast is made up of beaches, cliffs, islets, cliffs and coral reefs, which all our visitors enjoy.


Huatulco is privileged in terms of its connectivity, since you can do it by air, land and sea.

Its airport allows connection with national and international destinations, operating with the main companies. In addition, it has 2 bus stations that allow you to travel to this destination from Veracruz, Chiapas, Mexico City  and Oaxaca through federal highway number 200.

In the Santa Cruz dock, they receive cruise ships from different parts of the world, which are received in the port of Santa Cruz.

Come to Huatulco, you will surely fall in love!

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