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Gran Retto

We are a leading company in consulting, planning, production and operation of sporting events at a national and international level.

With extensive experience in the areas of: Advice and training for organizers and staff, electronic timing of sporting events, logistics organization and furniture assembly for events, design and manufacture of items for sporting events and venues, professional production of business events, corporate and private.

Through our various services, each year we provide satisfaction and happiness to more than 75,000 people in multiple destinations in the Mexican Republic and abroad.




  • Electronic short film for all kinds of sporting events

  • Assembly of goal arches, tents and various furniture for events

  • Records management and package delivery

  • Floating bow for professional aquatic target at 15 cm from the water

  • Marking of water routes with GPS and 2-meter buoys

  • Management of permits for events with local authorities

  • Professional photography and video filming with drone for events

  • Technical operation and locution of live broadcasts for events

  • Integral production solutions for events with multiple services



  • Painted metal medals and premium award trophies

  • Backpacks, latex caps, wristbands and competitor numbers

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